Important highlights

in Michael Paouris’ life and career

  • 1987

    He is born in Tavros, Athens

  • 1995

    The first Bouzouki lessons

  • 1997

    His first professional appearance at the age of 10

    At a family-run tavern in Moschato. Fifty-year-old patrons come up to congratulate him, and even entire families go watch this little virtuoso who is already a part of the Athenian nightlife. He is for all intents and purposes, the tavern’s mascot. 
  • 1999

    Collaboration with Giorgos Katsaros at the age of 12

    His teacher Manolis Michalakis introduces him to composer Giorgos Katsaros. They begin a collaboration for a limited number of appearances and concerts. At the same time, he appears in "Stavros tou Notou" and in "Hammam" with Nikos Danikas’ team. During this time, he participates in many music competitions in technique and performance, while receiving first place in the Panhellenic Awards.
  • 2002

    Collaboration with Thanasis Polykandriotis at the age of 15

    Thanasis Polykandriotis singles him out and starts a collaboration with the then-teenager Michael Paouris, that will last 8 years, with them giving concerts throughout Greece.
  • 2003

    Performing music composed by Mikis Theodorakis for the theater play "One life, Greece"

    Michael Paouris participates in Mikis Theodorakis’ play at Park Theatre, while 2 years later he has the honor of performing the famous composer’s music at the Concert Hall with the Mikis Theodorakis Symphony Orchestra.

  • 2004

    Participation in the opening Ceremony of the Athens 2004 Summer Olympics

    A special moment for Michael was his participation in Stavros Xarchakos’ Zeibekiko alongside dozens of bouzoukis and drums, performed at the Olympic Stadium during the first minutes of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, on August 13, 2004, in Athens.

  • 2005

    Adulthood and Teaching

    At the age of 18, he starts teaching in order to pass on his passion for Bouzouki, wanting to utilize the valuable knowledge he has collected from personal research to lay the proper foundations in matters of technique and performance excellence. Five years later, in 2010, an official collaboration with the Fakana Art Conservatory begins.

  • 2011

    Joint performances with internationally renowned guitarist Al Di Meola

    At the age of 24, he performs live on stage in Greece alongside the internationally recognized guitarist, receiving rave reviews from the press and the public. Later this year, they make their first joint appearance in France. A year later they appear together for the third time, accompanied by Gonzalo Rubalcaba in Athens. Al Di Meola has characteristically said that Michael Paouris is "the fastest bouzouki player on planet Earth". In the same year, he releases his first single, "Enarxis", and his first book, "My notes".
  • 2012

    Collaboration with Mimis Plessas and Panos Mouzourakis on new album & release of 1st guitar album

    In 2012, he releases his second Bouzouki album, with Mimis Plessas playing the piano and Panos Mouzourakis performing the vocals, while Michael Paouris performs the Bouzouki and Electric Guitar.

    He also appears in the CNBC Africa documentary: "Greece, an economic Odyssey", as one the faces of Greece’s bright future.

    In 2013, he releases his first guitar album, while he begins collaborations with big names of the Greek and international music scene such as the Greek singer Eleni Dimou, the Turkish singer Fide Köksal and others.

  • 2018

    1st International Award in Classical Music at the legendary Carnegie Hall in New York

    1st International Award in Classical Music.
  • 2018

    1st International Award in Classical Music at the Megaron - Athens Concert Hall

    1st International Award in Classical Music.

  • 2021

    1ο International Award at the legendary "Mozart's House" in Vienna

    1st International Award in Classical Music.
  • 2021

    Speech at the International TEDx of the National Kapodistrian University

    Michael Paouris is the first Bouzouki soloist to give a speech at the international TEDx of the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. The central theme was "Knowledge" and the title of the speech "Evolution: A word I was never afraid of"

    Watch the speech on YouTube.

  • 2021

    «Μιχάλης Παούρης: Ο Νους μιας Ιδιοφυΐας» -Ντοκιμαντέρ για τον Μιχάλη Παούρη

    A Greek-American co-produced documentary that brings to light the work and musical achievements of Michael Paouris from 2011 to 2021.